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Born in Iceland, the Icelandic-French/Algerian artist Louisa St. Djermoun studied Les Arts Plastiques at Sorbonne in Paris. Plastic art encompasses the various practices of artistic and aesthetic representation through forms and volumes giving materials the possibility of taking all forms. After graduating from Sorbonne, she continued her studies in Iceland university of the Arts where she obtained her teacher diploma in Art Education.

Born from hippie parents she has a boiling mixture of Scandinavian and Mediterranean blood. Travelling the world with her artist parents, who by pure chance gave her the initials LSD, she soon became fascinated by mother nature which she regards as the greatest artist.

Louisa has been developing and perfecting her own style and technique using mixed media to get the profound texture that represents her vision of the “nature in proximity”. The subject of her artwork is always the nature which she works on canvas where her expertise, colour and combinations really shines.

In addition to canvas she has long-time toyed with the idea of working with textile which resulted in her first line of high quality mulberry silk scarves in 2019 with many more exiting products in the pipeline.

She has held and participated in numerous exhibitions in Iceland and France.

Louisa currently lives in Montpellier France where her work has twice been selected best artwork of the pan-European exhibitions during art week.